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Hawksfield Nursery
Wadebridge Cornwall
Tel. 01208 221 542

Hawksfield Nursery

Hawksfield Early Years Nursery

Opened in March 2016. A purpose built Early Years Nursery. Offering professional child care from 3 months to 5 Years.

A superbly resourced and designed environment in which all our children are loved, listened to and valued.

Conveniently situated off the A39, at Hawksfield, near Wadebridge.

Our Ethos - Responding 'In the Moment'

  • Every child has the right to realise and expand their potential.
  • A child who is driven by curiosity and imagination,
  • A capable child who delights in taking responsibility for their learning,
  • A child who listens and is listened to,
  • A child with an enormous need to love and to be loved,
  • A child who is valued.
  • A child at Hawksfield receives this care and value.
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In The Moment - what does it mean?

It's actually nothing new and something we do very naturally - every time we look at or listen to your child, we are assessing and planning how to respond to that child.

Our interactions start with the child and is led by the child and then the idea is to find ways to respond which suit that child.

It is called ‘In the moment’ because we seize that moment and therefore, supporting the child immediately with new teaching and questions.

We understand that for learning to take place, children need to feel safe and secure, in fact we all do.

We try to ensure that the resources accessible to the children are varied, open ended and of a high quality. Open ended means that there is no set purpose to the resources so children are free to use their imaginations and they are able to select resources that best support their play.

Our Principles

The underpinning principles of the nursery philosophy are influenced from nationally and internationally recognised best practice.  We have taken the elements that we believe work best for children and families from across the world. Focusing on key influential thinkers, like Froebel and Montessori, and approaches such as The New Zealand ‘Te Whariki’ and Reggio Emilia.
We also believe strongly in a child with ‘unlimited potential’ who is eager to interact with and contribute to the world.
All aspects of our Ethos and approach to learning are designed to develop self-esteem and self-control, enabling children to take their place in society as happy, confident individuals. By valuing children in this way, we put much more emphasis on really listening to them.
We place a high emphasis on personal and social skills, praising good behaviour and encouraging the children to have a ‘caring and sharing’ attitude to others.
A love of learning is crucial to future development and we aim to help each child reach his or her full potential.  We develop a positive approach to lifelong independent learning and problem solving skills that will extend way beyond the children’s time at nursery.

Parental Partnerships

Hawksfield Nursery has a very strong ethos of working together in partnership with parents/carers and families.


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Tel. 01208 221 542
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